Jobs In 2005





Install Covering Around Instrument Panels M5000 Plant

Industrial Plant Services Limited

28th Nov, 2005

5th January 2006

Demolition And Reconstruction of Boiler Feedwater Pump Foundation For Pump  2211j / Jt And 2215jam

Powergeneration Co.Of Trinidad And Tobago Limited

24th October 2005

4th December 2005

Dry 450# Steam Mport – Engineering Project 190-747-05

Yara Trinidad Limited

22nd October 2005

6th November 2005

Modify And Paint Water Tank – Uml Exp


Petroleum Company Of Trinidad And Tobago Llimited

24th October 2005

17th November 2005

Piling And Construction Of Concrete Foundation For 02 Ammonia Plant Revamp 2005/2006 – 1608 2005

Pcs Nitrogen Trinidad Limited

10th October 2005

21st February 2006

To Excecute Fabrication And Installation Work On Co2 Line From Cnc / Nitrogen 2000 To M5000 Facility

Industrial Plant Services Limited

17thSepember 200

18th October 2005


Construct Bridge For Weldfab Limited

Weldfab Limited

14th September 2005

16th September 2005

School Vacation Repair Programm 2005 – Malabar Government Primary School

National Maintenance Training & Securit

6th August 2005

9th September 2005

Roller Press Building

Weldfab Limited

2nd August 2005

29th September 2005

To Conduct Repair To 100mm Methanol Re-Circulation Ref: 2005 Mhtl- M2 - 004

Industrial Plant Services Limite

9th August 2005

7th October 2005

Marine And Port Facilities / Walkway

Petroleum Co. Of Trinidad And Tobago Limited

29th June 2005

5th September 2005

Re-Routing Of 2” And 4” Water Line

Trinidad Cement Limited

16th June 2005

21st July 2005

Construction Of A New Power Station “A” Sub-Station

Petroleum Co. Of Trinidad And Tobago Limited

21st June 2005

25th July 2005

Structural Modification Of Teak Platform For Replacement Of
Generator # 1

National Gas Company Of Trinidad And Tobago Limited

7th June 2005

11th September 2005

Top Gas Fuel Bundles, Feed Gas Dry Hot And Cold Feed Bundles – One Side Only

Mittal Steel Products Limited

4th May 2005

17th July 2005


Seal Leg Bypass

Isg Limited

8th April 2005

29th April 2005

Silencer / Tareef Spool For Steam Blowing M5000

Industrial Plant Services Limited

3rd March 2005

24th March 2005

Overhall Of Discharge End Seal

Trinidad Cement Limited

21st February 2005

24th February 2005

Barbados Petroleum Distribution Project Request For Bid Bl&P Seawell & Esso Gaia Jet Fuel Receiving Station

Commonwealth Construction Canada Limited

9th February 2005

5th April 2005

Fabrication Of Marker Post Valve Box


9th February 2005

23rd February 2005