Complete EHS Policy

Note: Complete EHS Policy available for perusal upon request
Good environment, health and safety practice is now accepted as an integral part of all
management systems and operations.

AESL has given great consideration in all aspects of our operations, locally and internationally,
by putting environment, health and safety as our first priority. AESL will do its utmost best in
preventing accidents by elimination and controlling all hazards that may from time to time exist
in our business operations.

Our environment, health and safety policy is written to embrace all sections or departments
without discrimination, with its responsibility and commitment to operate honestly and fairly to
all members and non-members of staff.

EHS Mission Statement:

To profitably work for the success of our organization and to develop and maintain a positive
EHS culture in our workplace and within the Manufacturing, Public and Private Sector and
Petroleum Industries that we serve in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, through
utilization of appropriate and up-to-date EHS techniques.


AESL’s Management commits itself to:

  • Striving for a healthy environment and accident-free workplace.
  • Providing information and assistance that allow for safe handling and use of our products and services.
  • Maintaining a state of preparedness for responding to accidents and emergencies.
  • Assisting employees in maintaining their health and safety at work.

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EHS objectives shall be quantifiable in the sense that progress can be measured and/or that
we know when a target has been achieved. Measurement criteria shall be defined when the
objectives are established.
The proactive focus of the EHS Systems requires that specific activities be
undertaken on a routine and scheduled basis. Examples of such activities are:

  • Effective and timely remedial action
  • Pre-job planning
  • Safety hazard analysis
  • Employee training
  • Near-Miss Reporting
  • Planned Inspection
  • Compliance monitoring

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AESI Copy.pdf