(1999) Port-of-Spain Style

Critically acclaimed in its homeland (TnT) with heavy radio rotation for tracks After1/2 past nine (plus video), Urgent (plus video), King Radio and Lost in Space. Sold extremely well in TnT and independently in New York and Miami.

(2002) exile, baby

Released on 19/10/02….The local entertainment press had a ball with this record. Radio play for tracks (I hate)Entertainment, exile,baby La Belle Rosette and The New Fast Food saw jointpop gain a wider audience base. An animated video for The New Fast Food also broke new ground.

(2004) jointpop (5 song EP)

The lead track, Let's Pray (for Rock n Roll) topped local online Radio charts and the EP includes jointpop classics; Radio Luxembourg, The Water Supreme, Voodoo vs. Voodoo and Monsta Me.

(2007) The January Transfer Window

Featuring the songs Mystery, The Desperate Housefly, The Irony of it All, Monday Morning Love Situation and Yoko Ono.

(2013) The Pot Hounds

Featuring the songs Sweet Nothings, Super Apple, Sexy Garbage Can, Dream Hard and Treat Me Like a Dog.